Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scavenger hunt

Hello everyone!!!! This week I am on on a scavenger hunt for an old window. Since I have a specific spot for all my vignette designs. I decided that it would benefit me more if I had some decor that was interchangeable.  Currently I have a clock and two wrought iron square pieces hanging on the wall. Which is not conducive to all the changes that happens in that area. So I thought nothing would be more perfect than an old worn window. That I can incorporate that into any vignette design.

How beautiful are these windows. I have endless ideas running through my mind while looking at these windows. Now, I have to find them. I been to the thrift stores, and searched Craigslist. Thus far I have not found any. I guess I will try a salvage yard next.  I will continue my search and report back when I have found them. See you soon!!

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