Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flower Topiary Tutorial

As promised, here is the flower topiary tutorial. I hope you have as much fun as I did making this topiary!!!!

  • Felt (color of choice)
  • Floral Wire
  •  Sponge ball( I got mine from the dollar tree 2 for a $1.00)
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutter 
  • Piece of Styrofoam
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Paper
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Tin pail ( Got mine from the dollar bin at target)

Once you have gathered all your supplies, you cut out the flowers. I used my big kick and a flower template, however you can always use this template that is on pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/pin/51158145739452220/ or you can cut 2 inch felt circles and follow steps below.

When you are done cutting the flowers (I cut about 50 flowers), fold flower in half and fold again. Next, pinch flower at the bottom and wrap the floral wire around several times until you get the desired look of the flower. Cut the excess wire but leave enough to stick into the foam ball.

After you have wrapped all the flowers, stick each flower into the foam ball until it is covered. Make sure you save some room to stick the wooden dowel at the bottom of the flower ball.

Sit the flower ball to the side. Grab the wooden dowel, then dab a small amount of glue on the side of the dowel and wrap the ribbon around until you reach the end of the dowel.I did not cut the ribbon after I finished wrapping  the dowel, I used it to help fill my tin pail.  Next, grab the flower ball and   put a generous amount of hot glue on the dowel and stick into bottom center of the ball.
Grab the tin pail, styrofoam, glue gun and gift paper. Measure and cut the styrofoam to fit into the pail (you can use your scissors to cut styrofoam). After you measured and cut the styrofoam, wrap the styrofoam in gift paper (this step is not mandatory). Once it is wrapped, place hot glue into the bottom of tin to secure the wrapped styrofoam to the bottom of the tin pail.

Grab flower ball dowel and place hot glue around the bottom and stick it into the styrofoam. If you have a larger tin pail you may need to use accent gems or decorative sand to fill it up(you can get the accent gems or decorative sand from the dollar). Now you have a super cute flower topiary!!!
If you have any questions you can leave me a comment or email me.  Have fun!!!See you soon!!!!