Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 Tips For A Peaceful Home

10 Tips For A Peaceful Home

Life can be challenging to say the least in this new Aquarian age.  Juggling your responsibilities to family, job, relationships and your personal goals can be mind boggling at times.  Needless to say, your home should serve as your safe haven from the outside world.  A loving, peaceful home is essential toyour physical, mental, financial and spiritual well being.
When you examine the art of Feng Shui ( a science  of environmental order and arrangement) you will find ancient  techniques for creating those peaceful  living spaces.  Although there are countless approaches to achieving  Feng Shui here are just ten tips with which you can begin:

CLEARING CLUTTER:  Good energy will notgenerate in a cluttered home. Clutter traps negative energy and can cause conflict between family and visitors. Clutter also causes confusion.  
2KEEP CLEAN DRAINS.  In Feng  Shui,  Water symbolizes emotions, so if your drains are clogged then it symbolizes repressed feelings such as resentment or jealousy. Flooded sinks, bathrooms, and toilets mean a personality that is also flooded with negative emotions.
3GET ORGANIZED. If you are running around all over the place looking for things your environment is confusedConfusion creates negative energy and wastestime . Find “a place for everything and everything in its place.”.
4. GET RID OF SHARP OBJECTS. Sharp objects symbolize harsh words and the cutting of ties in important, intimate relationshipsDo not leave sharp objects like scissors, pliers, or knives lying around. Put them away and make sure they are sheathed. Sharp objects should not hang or be displayed on walls.
5. HANG UP PICTURES OF NATURE. Pictures of flowers, birds, or peaceful landscapes will promote a peaceful tone in your your home. Cityscapes and ships sailing on stormy seas create the opposite effect.
6GET RID OF FLOURESCENT LIGHTS. Fluorescent lights are too white with too much glare and flickering to be relaxing. In Feng Shu the white light is unlucky. You should not be basking in any type of glare..
7. KEEP FLOWERS. Keep natural fresh flowers in your homeIf you use artificial blooms be sure you plan to keep them very clean. Dust on artificial plants is bad energy in general. The very best are cut live pest free flowersWilted flowers symbolize fatigue so discard them..
8. DECORATE WITH CRYSTALS AND STONES. Crystals and stones have grounding energies. They help to promote relaxation. Natural materials bring you closer to nature.
9. AVOID ARTIFICIAL MATERIALS. Stay away from plastics and formicas . Bamboo, marble, and cork are better choices. The less manmade and more recyclable the material, the 
more peaceful your home will be.

10. CREATE A VIEW. Open windows and let light in. Seeing out and far away is restful to our spirits. A view of a garden is ideal. Select artwork that has both perspective and depth and hang that on your wall if you happen to live in a place that does not have too many windows. 

Hope these tips prove to be useful for you crafty moms.  Be sure to continue visiting Jamar Party Planners for more insightful,thought -provoking  and of course crafty information. ThanxSherry for the invite!  Will drop in again real soon.  In the meantime, wishing us all loving and peaceful homes!
Yvonne Onque is an artist, graphic designer, craftsperson and proud grandma of fourteen.  She is owner and featured artist of God-S Wearable Art. Like us on Facebook!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Working Wednesday

Hello everyone, we made it to midweek!!! I am a busy bee today. I have to finish making the decor for my sister's' soirée. I did not get a chance to work on any projects yesterday. So today I have many items to complete. I am currently working on the backdrop for the photo booth. It coming along nicely.  Take a sneak peek below!!!  The reveal is on Monday.  So stay tuned!!!!

Tomorrow is the day my guest blogger goes live. I am so excited!!! Can't wait to share her post!!!! In the meantime stop by her facebook store!!!!

 See you later!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Fling

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are enjoying your day! I am really busy today.  I am working on finalizing the spring soiree birthday bash. As I have shared in my previous post spring is the premise for all decor. I am going to use l lots of flowers. Some will be fresh, others will be artificial and paper. With that being said I found several great tutorials on how to make paper flowers that really look like fresh flowers They are beautiful. So I will be spending most of the day making these flowers!!!

Also, as a reminder. I will have a guest blogger this week. Please make sure to stop by to catch her post. In the meantime stop by her Facebook store!!!

See you soon!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Hello Everyone!!!! Well spring break is over for us and I am worn out. After all besides school we have not been out the house that much this winter. Anywho, we had a great spring break. We stayed pretty busy with fun activities.  My kids had a blast and so did I!!!! I really enjoyed the quality time I spent with the kiddos!!! We are back to our regularly scheduled program.

I have a lot to share with you this week. As I stated before, spring break was awesome!!!!  We did some really cool activities. We went to the bouncy house, swimming, and skating and I participated in almost every activity. At the end of the week, we worked on our easter baskets and prepared for our easter egg hunt.  I so enjoyed the time with my children. I so can't wait for summer!!

This weekend is my sister's soiree. I am really looking forward to this event for many reasons. First,  she is my sister and it is her party ( I totally wrote that to the tune of it's my party). Just in case you don't know the song. Secondly I am really looking forward to seeing the spring theme  come together!!! Can't wait to share the reveal!!!

Last week I was having technical difficulties with my blog. So my guest blogger was not able  to post. However, I believe we have worked it out and I will be sharing  her post this week!! Can't wait to share her post, in the meantime stop by and checkout her Facebook page!!

See you soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello everyone, we made it to midweek. So far my week has been filled with decisions. Whether it's the table cloth for my sister's soirée , my search for new hairstyles, or planing activities for my children during spring break (which starts next week).  Which I was totally thrown by this revelation, I had planned to finish up my spring cleaning this week. But that is not going to happen. I guess in between activities with the children I will spend some time finishing up my spring cleaning. Well if I have learned anything from being a mother is to go with the flow!!! So that is what I will do!!!

Tomorrow is the day my guest blogger post goes live. I am super excited!! Not only does Yvonne have some good things to say, she is an awesome person!!!! So please stop by tomorrow to read her post!!! In the mean time stop by her Facebook store!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! See you tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday

Hello everyone. I am embarking on another adventure. My husband and I had the conversation about me going back to work outside the home and how would be more beneficial to the family for me enter back into the workforce. After a bit of back and forth I totally jump on the band wagon and agreed that going back to work would afford our family more opportunities. However that is not the adventure that I speak about. But I shared what we spoke about because it facilitated the adventure. My new adventure is my hair.

I know you may not look at hair being an adventure. But for me it is. Let me explain. I returned to natural around two years ago. However, since my return I have been at home. So I really could experiment with many styles and I did. However, I never experimented with styles that I feel is suitable for a corporate environment. So I am on a mission to look for  and experiment with styles I find professional.  I am clear that some people may not see the need. However, I have my own perception of what I find suitable. So I am on a mission to find different styles that I feel is appropriate for the work place. I have found some styles that I really like and will try!!!

Cute!!!!  I am currently rocking my hair in a small bun. Which is a classic look to me. However I need more than just one hair style. I will keep you updated.

Classic look!!!

Please remember to stop by my blog on Thursday to checkout my guest blogger!!! Stop by her facebook store!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Motivated Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Last week, I spent the whole week doing some spring cleaning. It took me until Friday of last week to get most of the house in order. However, when I look around, I still have so much to do!!! I still have to clean my craft space, clean the windows (inside only), catch up with the wash and still maintain the spaces I have already cleaned.  Whew, writing it down makes me tired and looks to me that I  will spend another  week cleaning. My least favorite thing to do. Moving on to brighter things that are going to occur!!!

I will have another guest blogger this week. Yvonne Onque will be sharing a post on Thursday. Yvonne currently runs her own company God-s Wearable Art.  She hand paints onto fabrics, shoes, and any other item that can be painted. Yvonne also creates earrings. I featured a pair right here on my blog. Her creations are totally awesome, plus she totally rocks as a person. I can't wait for her to share her post on my blog. I only listed a few of her talents. Take a look a some of her work.

 I told you she is awesome!!! Stop by and checkout her facebook store!!!!

I am also working on my sister soirée for her 40 something b-day!!!! Super excited. Since her birthday is in April. We are going to build a theme around spring. Can you say flowers!!!! Yaaayyy, I can't wait!!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Marvelous Monday

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend!!! Well, the under the sea party was a huge success! !! The girls had a wonderful time. They had a slew of activities that kept them busy. They made jewelry, a balloon maker was onsite, they decorated boxes for their popcorn treats and played many other games. It was an awesome event. The balloon lady was awesome.

My part in the event was the sweet table, customizing the gift bags, jewelry making, and some of the other decorations.
                                    Treat bags
                                      Jelly fish

Table Cloth


It was Awesome!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Feature Friday

Hey Everyone,

Let me start off my saying I'm beyond HONORED to be here on Jamar Party Planning sharing one of my labors of love with you all.  By no means do I consider myself a crafty momma... Sherry puts me to shame and I just LOVE admiring her work. But from time to time I will try to making a few things. The piece I'm sharing today was truly a labor as it was done to highlight all the milestones my 1 year old had accomplished during her first year of life. Reflecting back on her journey not only made me laugh and cry, but made me love and appreciate her so much more. She's absolutely amazing to me :).

Anyway, I choose to share this piece because it's one that I would consider to be universal. In the sense that anyone could recreate it capture any of life’s events yet it’s personal. Whether you’re looking for a way to display your family photos, celebrate a loved one, or simply need some wall art this tutorial could be of use to you.

So without further ado here’s what you need...

  • White wood board(I picked mine up from lowes for $12.)
  • Chalk
  • Photos
  • Chalkboard paint 
  • Wet towel
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
   Step by Step Instructions

1. Wipe board down

2. Paint board with two coats of chalkboard paint

3. Let paint dry and settle for 48 hours

4. Spread chalk across the entire board

5. Wipe board completely clean

6.  Frame *See framing instructions below*

7.    Glue pictures unto framed board (as you would like).

8.    Take chalk and decorate your board with reflective words (as you wish).

Deatils on Framing...

Framing Supplies
• Pneumatic nailer/stapler,
• finish nails,
• Wood filler,
• Sand paper,
• Miter saw
• Woodgrain Milwork (door/window trim) 11/16in. x 2-14 x8in.
• Metal L shaped bracets for support
• White paint

Step by Step Instructions
1. Measure your board (mine was 36 x40).
2. Using the miter saw cut the wood corners at a 45 degree angle.*Please note: The cuts should be slightly longer than the board (just in case there are changes that need to be made)*.
3. Use nailer at the corners to nail the frame together.
4. Apply wood filler to fill-in nailer holes and let it dry.
5. Once dry sand with sand paper to make smooth.
6. Paint frame and let it dry.
7. Once paint dries put the board on the back of the frame and screw the L brackets in each corner for support.

Happy crafting 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Working Wednesday

Hello Everyone. We have made it to mid-week!!!! I am finishing up the final details for the under the sea party. The party is this weekend and I want to make sure all odds and ends are tied up today. By the end of the day I will be packed up and ready for the party!!!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!  My guest blogger Sheena Brown from Life With An External Heartbeat will be posting on my blog. It is always great to have different perspectives from people who share some of the same interest. It is so awesome that we are going to get to peep through Sheena's looking glass!!!  I am super excited to have her  here!!! You should stop by her blog and take a look !!!!

Make sure you stop by tomorrow!!! You don't want to miss her post!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial

Beaded Topiary


  • Styrofoam ball 
  • Styrofoam
  • Wooden dowel
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Glue gun
  • Small pail

1. Glue beads onto Styrofoam ball. Leave room on Styrofoam ball to stick in wooden dowel!!!
2. Once you have glued  all the beads onto the Styrofoam balll. Wrap ribbon around wooden dowel  and stick dowel into ball. To make it sturdy put glue on top of wooden dowel before sticking into the ball. 

3. Cut extra Styrofoam to fit into the small pail. Then glue cut Styrofoam into pail.

4. Stick ribbon wrapped dowel  and beaded ball into the Styrofoam in the pail.

5. Embellish the pail.

You know have a beaded topiary!!!! Easy and cute. 

Thanks for stopping by!!! See you tomorrow! !!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Motivated Monday

Hello Everyone,, hope you enjoyed your weekend! !! My weekend was filled with the pitter patter of little girls running  around the house. Not that I had much interaction with them. They totally did their own thing. I don't know whether to be impressed or sad, they are 7, 8, and 9 and they already do their own thing (Mom is torn).  On Friday they planned a party for themselves (to cute). They decorated the basement, created a mish mash of snacks, and listened to the ipod. Unfortunately, I could not make it to their soiree. However, I don't think they miss me at all.

Moving on, I did not blog much last week. I am still working on the under the sea party, that is happening this weekend. I worked on some treat bags. The bags are Michaels paper sacks and I added mermaids that I cut on my silhouette machine. Soooo cute!!! The children are going to have such a great time!!!

Super excited, I will have another guest blogger on Thursday of this week! Sheena Brown from http://externalheartbeat.blogspot.com.  Her blog is awesome. She chronicles her journey with motherhood, family, love, and other life challenges and triumphs.  Stop by and check her out!!! Can't wait for her to join us!!!!

Come back tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was productive. As I shared in my previous post I am working on an under  the sea birthday party. That is what I worked on this weekend. I have completed some key pieces for my design. I am pretty satisfied with the outcome thus far.

 I also did not post pics of my Spring Vignette on Friday as promised. I did not find or make a piece that wow'ed me. However it is a cohesive collection of pieces I like!

Well there it is. I will probably add and subtract some items throughout the spring.

See tomorrow for tutorial Tuesday!!!!