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Hi! I'm Tabby from Shipwrecked On Fabulous Island! Fabulous Island is a place designed to revel in all things pretty, crafty, family and fabulous. When I'm not working my 9-5, singing in the music ministry at church, planning and/or coordinating events for my clients, I sit still long enough for my daughter (blog named Munchface) to create portraits of me, I cuddle up with my husband when he's not playing video games (or trying to hide my honey-do list), I search sales racks, I obsess over Bath&Body Works soaps, I sing out loud, I fuss at people who walk on carpet I just vacuumed (don't judge), I enjoy laughing until I pee a little, I catch myself watching Disney when my kid's gone to bed... I'm a nurse, a chef, a super hero, a car DJ, a chauffeur, a maid, a dentist, a masseuse, a goddess. A mom. With the formalities out of the way...

 I've got a secret rhyme that will help unlock the doors to successful party planning for kids... Ready?


Yep. It's as easy as that.  I've hosted a LOT of events and this recipe works! Just add food, d√©cor and you've got a great party - TRUST me.

I'll focus on the kids in this conversation but one can easily apply these tips to any event.

Break the ice.
I always like to have a non-structured activity to entertain folks until the majority of confirmed guests arrive.  This gives our on-time and early guests a chance to meet and play nicely before the party starts.  It also allows me the opportunity to mingle with other parents and nibble on goodies... Some great ice breaker activities include a moon bounce, a playground, an area with bubbles or balloons... It doesn't take much to keep kid's busy... Just consider what your little one enjoys in their free time.

Moonbouncin' at Munch's candy land birthday

Moonbouncin' at Munch's candy land birthday

Playground cutie at Munch's candy land birthday

Fairy Frolic at Munch's 3rd Tinkerbelle party.

Another option is to offer a station with any of the following: tattoos, manis/pedis, make-up, face painting... all things to help get the little ones party ready and to occupy their time until the activities start.

Daddy painting nails at the Sweet Spa

I put my friends to work at stations like this... WHAT?! They ask to help!

Make something.
Craft time.  Give parents a break to eat while the kids make a craft that coordinates with your theme.  This time also serves as a great warm-up activity... Hosting a princess party? Consider decorating paper tiaras.  A pirate party? What about stickers on an eye patch or sword?  Cupcake or cookie party? Maybe decorate paper "chef" hats or paper aprons? 

Pinkalicious Princess Tiaras

I love the effects stickers and crayons have on kids; it's like they're programmed to sit down and be quiet when these supplies hit the table.  Party crafts do not have to be over-the-top; children do not care about cost so hit up your dollar store and think out of the box (I've hosted a client's Sponge Bob party and made a Sponge Kids craft from $3 supplies at the Dollar Store - 1 pack of sponges, 1 pack of googly eyes, and 1 pack of paper for "clothes").

Dollar Tree Wooden crafts converted to bow holders

Shake something.

This year's annual dance-off at Munch's 7th birthday party
Time for action! Let the little balls of energy get up and MOVE something... I recommend at least one move-and-shake activity. Simply take a classic game and re-mix it to fit your party's theme... Games like Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Hide and Seek, and many others can all be tailored to fit any theme (i.e. - Minnie Says, Frog Frog PRINCE, etc.) just get creative! Other physical activities that are always a hit? EASY - dance and/or talent contests! 

Munch gettin' down at her bday

Sometimes just a group dance is a great way to use up that extra energy, a talent showcase, a fashion show, etc. Break out the video cameras, it's going to be a treat!

The topsy turvy cake from my friend's bridal shower
One of the sweets table I designed for a dear friend's wedding
The yummy tradition that ties your theme together and brings smiles to everyone in attendance (seriously, who doesn't get happy with sugar around?). Step outside of the norm and try a cupcake tier for a quick and less-messy serving or a dessert table for a variety.
Munch's Minnie Mouse birthday cake

Munch's sunshine & lemonade birthday sweets table

Take something.
Sunshine & Lemonade favor buckets
Munch's Baby Doll Bakery birthday favors were custom aprons for each guest
FAVORS.  Use this as an opportunity to be creative!  I think of favors as little pieces of the party for guests to remember it by.  Nothing worse than wasting my money on things people will just throw away. So accept the challenge and come up with creative gifts for your friends...  I try to keep my party favors to things you can USE or  EAT. 

Favors for the Mrs-to-Be shower

. . .
I consider Munchface's birthday party a chance to put the things I love to do into an event for one of the most important people in my life.  Her parties are always a success and not JUST because I use my 'Break. Make. Shake. Cake. Take.' method to ensure the kids have a great time... but because every candle on her cake reminds me of my little blessing and symbolizes another year of awesomeness! 


I better get out of here before I get too emotional on ya'll... you don't know me like that... yet.

Try my method and let me know how your next part-ay goes!


Thanks, Sherry, for entrusting your fabulous readers with me! I appreciate the opportunity and I can't wait for you to return the favor!

If you're interested in learning more about me, feel free to swing by the island (here) and say hello!



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