Monday, February 3, 2014

Embarking on a new life's journey

Hello my name is Ayisha Hatcher, but everyone calls me Sherry. I am embarking on a new journey in my life and decided it would be super cool to chronicle my experiences in a blog. I am a wife, mother of 2, and a newly established (or getting established) party planner.  After spending about 11 years in the corporate environment I knew I wanted something different, something that I could call my own. During my time of reflection I realized I felt the most fulfilled when I was crafting or planning events. I have always planned my children's parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmases and it is such an enjoyable process for me when I am in planning and decorating mode. So it made sense to me to leap out there and follow my passion (I know very cliche').  So that was it, in my mind I was a party planner!!!!!  So the next step was to execute my party planning skills. Timing was perfect; my daughter had a birthday coming and right then I knew that would be my big debut into party planner land (I have posted some pictures below).  After having a successful debut, I continue to work in corporate and dedicate as much time to my new party planning gig as I could, along with keeping up with my mother and wifely duties, which I always fell short somewhere ( mostly my wifely duties, luckily I have a great guy).  So while I was burning candles at both ends, my dreams seemed to be coming together without great sacrifice to the family or myself.   Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyy me (yeah right), if only if it was that simple.  

Most recently we had a big change in my family's dynamic, my job in corporate came to an end.  In that moment I knew it was time for me venture out and do party planning on a full time basis. It was clear that I should take the knowledge I learned being in corporate and my passion for planning and crafting and become the master of my own corporation (maybe not so much a corporation at this point but we get the picture).  However, what effect would that have on my family, I did not know at the time and I am still trying to figure that out.  Hopefully you will take the journey with me and along the way we will all be motivated, and inspired to follow our passion.

 Day in a Life of a Crafty Mom blog will have something for everyone and I hope you find it as interesting as I do.  I look forward to sharing and growing with you.

With all that being said, what a perfect time to start chronicling "A Day in a Life of a Crafty Mom" in the month for love!!  I have posted my pictures below of my Valentine's Vignette and on Tuesday I will have a tutorial on the flower topiary that is featured in my Vignette. They are super cute, easy and affordable to make.  Remember to pin!!!!    See you on Tuesday!!!!!  Thanks for visiting my blog!!

 Please come back to see me!!!!!


  1. Awesome work, very creative! Continued success!

    1. Thanks Meredith!!!! I hope you subscribe and come back to visit!!

  2. Love the page!!!!!!! Excellent work!!!! I am looking forward to taking this journey with you!!!! Truly innovative and inspirational!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! Love you!!!!!

  3. Thanks Chris!!! Don't forget to subscribe!!

  4. Sherry, you are so talented. I am so happy for you.