Friday, February 7, 2014

Feature Friday

Hello everyone, today is Feature Friday!!!  Every Friday I am going to feature something I truly love. It may be a party, an outfit or even some shoes. The list can go on forever, but one thing that will remain the same for every Feature Friday I will categorically love whatever I am featuring that week. This weeks spotlight is a fabulous pair of earrings.

Let me give you some background. I absolutely love Diana Ross since I was a kid. I try to channel her any way I can and everyone who knows me also knows my love for Ms. Ross.

 Moving forward, my aunt made me some Diana Ross earrings and I LOVE them (yes my aunt makes earrings and many other things)!

 Aren't they STUPENDOUS!! 
If you want a pair of custom earrings you can contact Yvonne at https://www.facebook.com/yvonne.onque?ref=ts&fref=ts  

See you soon!!!!


  1. How amazing! I want some black-n-white Billie Holiday earrings or some Angela Davis or some Michael Jackson... The list goes on! I need a pair of those fabulous earrings... Can I borrow/have yours? I LOVE THEM!

    1. You can't have mine, but she does make the ones on your list. Also, those snowflakes featured in your blog post today AWESOME!!!! Can I have a tutorial? Thanks for stopping by!!!


  2. Love the earrings!!!!!!!! Great feature!!!!!

  3. Hey Cuz, this is so nice...Aunt Yvonne made them? !!! Nice...