Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Talk about it Tuesday

Hello everyone. I am embarking on another adventure. My husband and I had the conversation about me going back to work outside the home and how would be more beneficial to the family for me enter back into the workforce. After a bit of back and forth I totally jump on the band wagon and agreed that going back to work would afford our family more opportunities. However that is not the adventure that I speak about. But I shared what we spoke about because it facilitated the adventure. My new adventure is my hair.

I know you may not look at hair being an adventure. But for me it is. Let me explain. I returned to natural around two years ago. However, since my return I have been at home. So I really could experiment with many styles and I did. However, I never experimented with styles that I feel is suitable for a corporate environment. So I am on a mission to look for  and experiment with styles I find professional.  I am clear that some people may not see the need. However, I have my own perception of what I find suitable. So I am on a mission to find different styles that I feel is appropriate for the work place. I have found some styles that I really like and will try!!!

Cute!!!!  I am currently rocking my hair in a small bun. Which is a classic look to me. However I need more than just one hair style. I will keep you updated.

Classic look!!!

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