Monday, April 7, 2014

Motivated Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Last week, I spent the whole week doing some spring cleaning. It took me until Friday of last week to get most of the house in order. However, when I look around, I still have so much to do!!! I still have to clean my craft space, clean the windows (inside only), catch up with the wash and still maintain the spaces I have already cleaned.  Whew, writing it down makes me tired and looks to me that I  will spend another  week cleaning. My least favorite thing to do. Moving on to brighter things that are going to occur!!!

I will have another guest blogger this week. Yvonne Onque will be sharing a post on Thursday. Yvonne currently runs her own company God-s Wearable Art.  She hand paints onto fabrics, shoes, and any other item that can be painted. Yvonne also creates earrings. I featured a pair right here on my blog. Her creations are totally awesome, plus she totally rocks as a person. I can't wait for her to share her post on my blog. I only listed a few of her talents. Take a look a some of her work.

 I told you she is awesome!!! Stop by and checkout her facebook store!!!!

I am also working on my sister soirée for her 40 something b-day!!!! Super excited. Since her birthday is in April. We are going to build a theme around spring. Can you say flowers!!!! Yaaayyy, I can't wait!!!!!!

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